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ASWSU Service and Programming Committees

There are 12 service and programming committees that offer opportunities for students to get involved and make an impact on their community. These committees host weekly to bi-weekly meetings where they plan events, conferences, community outreach and ways to get involved. While committees do not function as a governing body, they are essential to ASWSU for bringing awareness to issues students face, advocating for students, and providing a welcoming community to all WSU students.

Additionally, there are two auxiliaries within ASWSU that provide services to students and the WSU community as a whole. The committees are Student Legal Services and KZUU 90.7FM.  Membership in these organizations is different from regular clubs or committees. They do not meet weekly, but rather provide students with opportunities for employment or participation.

  • Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC)

    The mission of the Coalition is to provide support for all Asian Pacific students in the university environment while enhancing cultural diversity. The Coalition is a student organization with elected officers that sponsors social, cultural, and academic activities, provides student peer support and leadership training, and sponsors Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    Black Student Union is a student-run organization that provides a safe space for Black student on campus. We are open to the entire WSU community to come and learn about Black culture and be involved with our community. This is a platform for Black students to feel comfortable in their speech and culture. Black Student Union also supports several Black umbrella organizations at WSU as well. 

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  • Crimson Group

    The Crimson Group is an activist support group for undocumented students and allies at WSU Pullman and in the Palouse community.

    Crimson Group provides students with resources and the support they need to be successful in college. The group organizes conferences and workshops, as well as social events that enable students to interact and bond. Crimson Group strives to make a positive change on campus and provide a welcoming environment for people to speak their voices and come out of the shadows.

    The Crimson Group was founded five years ago and started as a secret group so that undocumented students could feel safe. It has now evolved to include allies and it is open for everyone to join.

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  • Environmental Sustainability Alliance (ESA)

    Environmental Sustainability Alliance is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability at WSU! They work with the administration, students, and other student organizations to further this goal. ESA also helps oversee the GreenFund and sustainability fund for student projects.

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  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    The Gender and Sexuality Alliance aims to provide a safe forum for gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, intersex, questioning, queer, and transgender persons and their allies to exchange information and resources freely, better understand the campus community and history, build a sense of community, sponsor programming, and raise awareness in the community.

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  • International Student Council (ISC)

    The mission of the International Students Council is to unite the international registered student organizations and to serve as a voice for the international student population at WSU. The ISC promotes mutual understanding across cultures, races, and beliefs, fosters communication between people of different nationalities, and improves global awareness on campus and in the Pullman community by hosting International Education Week and diverse intercultural programs.

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  • Ku-Ah-Mah (Native American Student Organization)

    Ku-Ah-Mah means cougar in the Nez Perce language and is the Native American Student Organization. Ku-Ah-Mah supports many cultural and social events throughout the school year, including the Annual Pah-Loots-Pu Celebration Pow Wow, events during Native American Heritage Month, and other events that promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding. This organization aims to bring together a community to help better understand and be engaged with issues that Native Americans face on and off campus.

    Please contact Ku Ah Mah's Advisor Joelle Edwards at for more information.

  • KZUU 90.7FM

    KZUU 90.7FM is the non-commercial, student-run radio station of Washington State University founded in 1979 by a group of passionate music lovers. They're dedicated to promoting talented artists and providing listeners with unique musical experiences. Their shows feature talk, underground hip-hop, indie/alternative, country, loud rock, and electronic. They broadcast to both Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID.

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  • Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA)

    The Middle Eastern Students Association or MESA at Washington State University exists to provide a home away from home for Middle Eastern students through fellowship, programming and educational opportunities.

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  • Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MECHA)

    MECHA is an organization that promotes higher education amongst oppressed and marginalized students. They Increase awareness about social, historical, and cultural identity amongst the Latinx student community.  They also strengthen and unite the community through educational, cultural, and social events.

    MECHA at WSU takes upon the responsibility to encourage the education of the Latinx population and promote awareness of the LatinX presence at WSU and in the local community.  They are also committed to the struggle for the self-determination and empowerment of the LatinX Community.

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  • Student Legal Services

    ASWSU Student Legal Services is a student-run office created to service the legal needs of current students at Washington State University. They offer legal consultations with our attorney to students who have a valid WSU student ID. Student Legal Services also offers internship opportunities each semester to highly motivated students aspiring to gain insight into the dynamics of the legal profession. Internships are offered to students seeking credit under Political Science or Criminal Justice, as well as on a volunteer basis. Interning at SLS is a great opportunity to gain experience in an office setting and build a professional relationship with a practicing attorney.

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  • Veterans and Military Affiliated Students Organization

    The Veterans and Military Affiliated Students Organization empowers military-affiliated students to succeed in higher education and beyond.  They advocate for the interest and concerns of WSU students while fostering connection throughout the campus communities.  They also cultivate an inclusive and welcoming campus climate and contribute to the growth and leadership of military-affiliated students. 

    Learn More about the Veterans and Military Affiliated Students organization

WSU Committees

These are official WSU committees that students have a majority vote on. ASWSU has the opportunity to appoint students to these committees at the beginning of each year. There are also vacancies at times throughout the year. Contact our team to get started.

  • Service and Activity (S&A) Fee Committee
  • Tech Fee Committee
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
  • Transit Advisory Group (TAG)
  • Safety and Security Committee
  • Student Media Board